The Last Leg

3rd Dec. 2016

Goodbye to BarilocheOne final time for us to move on as we fly to Buenos Aires today. We’re a bit sad. Not just because it is nearly time to leave the warmth and sunshine of South America for the cold, winter greyness of the UK, but also because we have really enjoyed Bariloche (unlike all the other places we’ve been to on this trip!). We weren’t sure that we’d get here because of time constraints, because it is a fair way south and because there were other places in Argentina that we could have gone to. In the end, once we decided to forego Salta in the north, then the logistics worked well for us and we’re pleased with the choices we made.

Main square in BarilocheBariloche is a pretty town with a very different feel from all the Spanish influenced places we have been to over the last 3 months. The mountains and lakes provide a stunning setting for it and also ensures that there is plenty to do. We could have stayed another couple of days and still not have exhausted the sights and activities in the area. And whilst the town is set up for tourists, unlike some other places (thinking of you San Pedro de Atacama) it hasn’t (yet) lost its soul to the tourists.

Hustle & bustle at Bariloche airportSo, it is with heavy hearts as well as heavy backpacks that we march off to the bus stop to catch the bus out to the airport. Now that we have mastered (and charged) our SUBE cards, there is no way we are going to pay 10x the price to take a taxi. Though it is a good way out of town, the airport is neither big nor small, glitzy nor dowdy. Just modern and functional with a reasonable sized café – just as well as on check-in we are told there is a two hour delay to the flight. At least we get a voucher for lunch in the café which solves our dilemma as to whether there will be any food on the plane or not.

Rooftop Skybar in our hotelOther than that, it is all very uneventful – the delay was only the advised 2 hours, as was the flight. We landed in the smaller of Buenos Aires’ two airports which meant that there was less walking and less waiting for our luggage as well as a shorter transfer on the bus into town. The bus station is again a little way from out hotel and it is immediately apparent that the weather is a little warmer (still) and significantly more humid than we’ve been used to. Still, we walk past some of the monuments that we remember from our last visit and that gets the juices flowing as we look forward to the next few days.

Sun setting on Buenos Aires - and our tripBuenos Aires is one of only a handful of places that we have been to before. As well as being a convenient point to fly out of, we have so many good memories of the place that we are sure we want to see more of it. Our hotel is centrally located, near to Plaza San Martin and that is going to make a good base for our exploration. Even better, there is a rooftop ‘Sky Bar’ so we treat ourselves to some cocktails and start to plan out the next (last) few days of our trip. Previously, we did two guided cycling tours (as well as a side trip across the River Plate to Colonia in Uruguay), this time we feel we have a better handle on the city and feel confident that we find our own way around. One thing is for sure – it is going to involve steak!

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  1. Sheila says:

    Yes it’s cold here but we are having some lovely sunsets and the ryme on the trees in the sunshine is beautiful .

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