A Grey Day At Pink Lake


Mon. 20th May 2019 We now understand the price to be paid for the stunning sunset last night – today has dawned cold and grey and wet. I thought we left the UK to get away from this weather! It …

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The Adventure Begins


Sat. 18th May 2019 Now, after 3 plus weeks of preamble, we are finally at the heart of our trip to Australia – the drive up the west coast from Perth getting to Darwin 6 weeks later. Today we are …

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Back To The Smoke


Thur. 16th May 2019 We’re moving on again today, completing our Southern loop and returning to Fremantle (essentially the coastal suburb of Perth – though I’m sure the locals don’t like to think of it that way). But before we …

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Only Ever Served Disappointment


Tues. 14th May 2019 We’re moving on again today and starting the loop back up to Perth (well, actually, Fremantle) and once more we have mixed feelings. Esperance is a lovely town with a lot going for it and although …

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All Around Albany


Sat. 11th May 2019 On maps, we tend to think of the south coast of Australia drawn as a couple of smooth sweeping arcs of the Great Australian Bight. As usual, we are finding that reality is more complex than …

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High In The Tree Tops


Thurs. 9th May 2019 Augusta Escape, our apartment for the night, is not 5* luxury – indeed the synthetic leather & general design and construction of the sofa in the living room along with the overall appearance of the apartment …

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That’s Our Five A Day


Tues. 7th May 2019 While on our RTW trip, we had many good days but one of our most successful was cycling around the Marlborough wine region in New Zealand. Given that there are similarities between Marlborough and Margaret River …

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Because It’s There


Sun 5th May 2019 Having hired a car when we arrived at Perth airport 3 days ago, it really is time that we used it. Today, we start on our Southern loop as we explore the south-west corner of Australia. …

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The Friendliest People


Fri. 3rd May 2019 The first clue was at the car hire hut last night where the receptionist went out of her way to be friendly and helpful to two somewhat tired and dishevelled travellers. This morning we decided that …

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We Got Lucky Again


Wed. 1st May 2019 As the purpose of this trip is essentially to remove Australia from our (ever growing) ‘must travel to’ list, Uluru had to be on our list of places to see. Alice Springs is the closest jumping …

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