Farewell Mighty Mungo


Tue./Wed. 18th & 19th June ‘24 It definitely feels like the end today. Packing up Mungo for the last time and not only our last game drive, but our last drive in Mungo. We’re getting good at packing now with …

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Luck Or Plan?


Sun. 16th June ‘24 This morning, we have the last guided game drive of our trip. After this we just have a couple of days driving ourselves around Moremi before heading to Maun for the flights home. We know the …

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Not Far, But Not Fast


Fri. 14th June ‘24 Today we move from Khwai into the Moremi Game Reserve and Okuti Camp where we will be staying for the next two nights. We have such great memories of staying in Moremi (but a different site) …

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Exceeds Expectations


Wed. 12th June ‘24 Today we complete our crossing of (the much larger than we thought) Chobe National Park. As with the drive down to Savuti, we’ve been warned that we will be going through patches of thick sand. However, …

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Using Our Tools Properly


Mon. 10th June ‘24 Well, we survived the night in our roof-tent in the unfenced camp. Janet claimed that she heard some animals during the night, but I had my earplugs in and didn’t hear anything. She did say though, …

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A Fitting Farewell


Sat. 8th June ‘24 Today is our last full day in Namibia before we cross the border into Botswana. Besides the predictable wondering what has happened to the last 4 weeks, we had some decisions to make as to what …

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Into The Caprivi Strip


Thur. 6th June ‘24 Whilst we are now at the northern border of Namibia, we are not yet in the Caprivi Strip. As we head east today, we’ll enter the strip at some point. Caprivi is such an odd feature …

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Too Many Animals


Tue. 4th June ‘24 Today, we’re travelling right across the eastern half of Etosha (we’ve been told to ignore the western half as there aren’t many animals that side). It’s going to be 150+ km on unmade roads and from …

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Chilling Out


Sun. 2nd June ‘24 [Editor’s note: Readers are advised to skip this post. Nothing much happened, Dave whinges about being cold and there were no good photos taken] When we first camped in our roof tent in Namibia (3 weeks …

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Following The Fresh Stuff


Fri. 31st May ‘24 It’s cloudy when we wake up. I’d make a joke about seeing strange grey things in the sky, but it’s a 6am alarm for 6:30 breakfast and a 7am departure for our game drive – so …

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