Our Route

Our route is built off a OneWorld Alliance round the world air ticket. Ultimately, there wasn’t much option given the route that we wanted to take – Star Alliance, the only other realistic alternative isn’t as strong in South America.

Under the OneWorld rules (of which there are many), we are allowed 16 ‘segments’ (individual flights and sectors where we travel independently). Needless to say, we easily maxed this out – for example, we would have liked to have included the flight from Jo’burg to Windhoek in the RTW ticket along with some more flights in Asia / Indochina.

After quite a lot of help from RTW Experts (thanks Barry and Mark), we settled on a route and we fly out of Gatwick on 14th August bound for Cancun from where we hop over to Cuba for the first leg of our adventure. Our rules were quite simple:

  1. Don’t go to places where you would go on a fortnight’s holiday;
  2. Try to follow the summer.

Below is an interactive map that shows our major ports of call along with the flights on the RTW ticket (in blue) and some of the other key flights. You can do all of the usual Google map zooming and dragging to scroll, so have a look around.

Let us know what you think of our route (and the map) and we’ll add some more detailed maps of our South American, NZ, Asian and African segments.

Our Route[maptype=G_NORMAL_MAP;gpxview=all;width=600;height=400]

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