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We missed out on a gap year and travel when we were students, so in 2012 we put that right. We were volunteers at the Olympics and then we spent the next 11 months traveling round the world. In 2012, our two boys (Chris & Stephen) were nearly finished at university – so they’d be off the payroll, right!! We both took a step back from full-on jobs and traded a bit more flexibility and free-time for a cut in income.

How better to start our year of adventure, than with a once in a lifetime experience volunteering at the Olympics followed by visiting some of the places we’d always wanted to see but might not get many more opportunities. Whilst we were traveling, one of the main thing we missed (apart from our comfy bed) was keeping in touch with our family and friends so we set up our blog. See the Round the World tab for our escapade.

After returning home we realised that our wish list of places to see had grown and we could not wait to get back out there and explore some more. Our trip also increased our love of photography and whilst watching James Bond in Skyfall, sat in a cinema in Brazil, we were reminded of how spectacular many areas of the UK are. We have started what we call our “Photo Days” which is spending one (or two) nights a month away exploring parts of the UK which we have never been to before or felt needed revisiting.

By 2015 we were ready for more adventure and spent a fascinating two and a half weeks in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan exploring part of the Silk Road as we had shelved that from our original round the world itinerary.

Work gets in the way of all this travel so we will shortly both be officially retired.
We hope you enjoy our stories and photos as much as we do.

Dave & Janet

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