If You Want Me, I Am By The Pool

Fri. 7th June 2019

Getting to like life in the friendly beast It was our best nights sleep yet in the roof tent. No wind and little noise until 6:45am, even though the campsite is quite busy. We are impressed with the facilities and tuck into our breakfast sat on the picnic tables. We are joined by a biker from Melbourne who was travelling around Australia solo and a bit shaken from an accident he had on a patch of sand on the unsealed road leading to the campsite. We chatted about Esperance and (Aussie) York. Unsurprisingly, like us, he enjoyed the motor museum in York and even corrected a fact or two on the bike displays!

Masked lapwingBefore we headed on we wanted to see more of Eighty Mile Beach as we had just missed sunset yesterday. Not much to say except it goes on for miles and miles, well eighty actually (possibly). It is a beautiful sandy beach as far as the eye can see, all sand, sea and dunes without any rocks or headlands or other features. I did follow a group of these masked lapwings around the campsite until they posed in the sunlight. It took my large lens to get close enough as they move pretty quickly searching for grubs in the soil.

Do I have to move?It was an easy drive up Highway 1 to the Ramada Eco Resort just south of Broome which is a great place for a bit of R&R, tucked away down an 11km dirt track. It is quite different to the Karijini Eco Lodge as it is more up market and much more commercial. We splashed out on a one bedroomed villa, which was huge and very comfortable. I could have spent all afternoon on the veranda attached to the villa.

Infinity poolNo problem over looking after the room key, all rooms are left unlocked! On exploring the restaurant and bar I found the infinity pool overlooking the beach and that was it, time to chill out and enjoy the very relaxed atmosphere here. The cave walk would have to wait until tomorrow (fortunately for me the tide would not be low enough until then to walk along the beach).

If you can relax, so can IWe do, however, head out to the beach for sunset and it is Dave’s turn to stop and relax on the beach hammocks (for all of two minutes!) If we were on holiday we could have spent a lot longer relaxing here. There was a young couple discussing plans with the resident wedding coordinator over the arrangements for holding their wedding here next year. The list of arrangements was enormous, far too stressful to even listen to.

Yet another beautiful sunsetWe had heard good reviews of the bar and restaurant here, but I was disappointed at the short menu and then the kangaroo I fancied was sold out. After negotiations I was able to have the fresh veg and new roast potatoes with duck instead. We did find time to chill out on our veranda and enjoy the setting. It was an oasis in a land of red. We also reflected on how lucky we are being with the weather as we hear that Perth has been cold, Carnarvon wet and winds have blown south making driving treacherous at times. In planning our trip we deliberately picked this time of year to catch autumnal weather and not too hot as we head further north. So far we have succeeded with getting the weather right.

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