Still No Lazing By The Pool

Mon. 27th May 2019

Finding my sea legsToday we are not driving anywhere, so we have a day to ourselves in the resort. No point in suggesting to Dave we spend a day lazing by the pool and read as he could not stay still that long!! Anyway, we want to have a practice snorkel and check that the underwater camera housing Dave bought during our round the world trip in 2013 still works. Tomorrow, we have a big day as we head out on a boat trip looking for whale sharks. Ningaloo Marine Park is famous for its fringing reef within swimming distance of the shore which is one of the longest in the world, and we want to explore it. It is one of the reasons we came to WA. So after a leisurely start (yes, Amanda that means laundry time and it was all washed and line dried by lunchtime).

Kayak hire shackAfter a few disorganised starts [Ed. omnishambles is the word she is looking for], we were off armed with our Perth purchased snorkels and Dave’s camera in its housing. Luckily, we are in the room nearest the beach about 200 yards away so the trips back to the room were only a short walk. According to the staff on kayak stand turn left, and wade round the peninsula head for the 5kn marker, heads down and you are off. The current then helps you drift back to the beach area whilst looking at the coral. Close to the shore is a reef about 3ft under the water full of yellow fish, blue fish, huge sea cucumbers, coral and a magnificent clam shell. By the time I had raised my head to tell Dave what I had seen  he was 50 yards away heading out to sea.

Blue spotted rayWe then decided to keep together as we both had to leave our glasses behind and everything was in blurovision. We then drifted over a deeper reef and saw a blue spotted ray and some much larger fish. As you can see my knowledge of fish is limited. Dave did the underwater photography option on his advanced PADI training instead of the fish identification option. [Ed. I know a fish when I see one!] The water was a bit murky but we were pleased with our first snorkelling outing for a number of years. We have the rest of the week in the area for us to explore the rest of Ningaloo Marine Park. Still no option for an afternoon by the pool as we have our eyes on a two man kayak after lunch.

Really enjoying kayakingAs we walk to book our kayak we discuss whether to go out for one or two hours as there is lots to see. We are talked into just the one hour as the sun is hot and no sea breeze. It is gone 3pm and they shut at 5pm. After a quick refresher on how to get back on the kayak after swimming or snorkelling we’re off. Me at the front and Dave allegedly paddling at the back. We head upstream with the vague plan of drifting back. As ever we misjudge just how long it would take to paddle to the buoy on the distance and it takes us half an hour to get there. I kept being distracted by the clear water and coral beneath us. However once we were tied up to the buoy and jumped in, it was disappointing as the water was deep and the coral sparse.

Pulling Dave homeTime to jump back into the kayak, well clamber inelegantly in my case. In my defence it is not that easy and requires a lot of upper body strength. So we moved on to the next buoy with not much more success. Where did our hour go as it was time to head back to the shore. We begin to get some sort of rhythm going and were only half an hour late but luckily they did not mind and were very chatty about kayaking and snorkelling. Dave did get some stick about taking the photo of me pulling the kayak!!

Our room is bottom rightHappy and tired we headed back for a shower and much needed beer, glad our room is close by. Whoops, that should have been afternoon tea. Another good day and too much to see in the sea. The pool will have to wait for another day maybe? 

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