Out And About In Santiago


23rd Nov. 2016 After yesterday’s guided walking tour, we opt for the self-guided version today – after all, we now have a total of 3 days experience in the city (over the last 4 years) and we think we know …

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Let’s Walk


22nd Nov 2016 We have always enjoyed city walking tours, as they are interesting and you often learn facts not found in guide books and hear the opinions of the guide. Today we opted for the morning ‘Offbeat Santiago’ Tours4tips …

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Return Visit


21st Nov. 2016 We’ll only visit four places on this trip that we’ve been to before and today we’re heading to the third of these – Santiago. (The first two were Playa del Carmen and Lima and the last is …

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Day 114: Goodbye South America


Wed. 5th December 2012 No moaning about how quickly the time is passing, but we are distinctly aware as we wake that today marks the end of our time in South America. It is a continent of real contrasts from …

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Day 113: Santiago On Two Wheels


Tues. 4th December 2012 As we enjoyed our Buenos Aires city cycle tour we have decided this is a very good way to explore new cities. We opted for the morning “locals and markets” tour from La Bicicleta Verde. The …

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Day 112: Fated


Mon. 3rd December 2012 It wasn’t the best night’s sleep that we have ever had but equally it wasn’t the worst. I’d liken the seats on the bus to those in Premium Economy on an airplane. I would have preferred …

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