Wait Awhile State


Thur. 2nd May 2019 After our long day yesterday we are glad not to be flying until 1:30pm so have a slow start. We do want to get a walk and some fresh air in this morning, as much of …

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A Matter of Communication


Tue. 30th  April 2019 We have a day to explore Alice Springs and I have a short list of places to visit, to which Dave adds Telegraph Hill. He had spotted it when trying to find ANZAC Hill last night. …

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Another Birthday Treat


Sun. 28th April 2019 I wake excited, albeit a bit slow from the wine pairing at dinner last night. Today we head back to Adelaide to catch The Ghan Train to Alice Springs. I had never considered why it was …

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Fri. 26th April 2019 Today we are heading off to Barossa Valley for a few days to try some local wine. It is not easy to get there by public transport so we have hired a car for the trip. …

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Exploring Adelaide Centre


Wed. 24th April 2019 The 8:30am alarm permeated our deep sleep as we battle with jet lag, but the blue sky and sunshine outside soon made us remember where we are. Our hotel room rate does not include breakfast so …

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Final Day In Beijing


24th September 2017 A visit to Beijing would not be complete without a visit to the Forbidden City so it was up early and in the queue by 8:30am as it opened, in the hope of beating the crowds. No …

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The Great Wall


22nd September 2017 The Great Wall is a “must see” in China and so we consider signing up for a tour for 300 yuan each, about £30, even though other sections of the wall out in Xinjiang. We are not …

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Full Speed Ahead


19th September 2017 We head out with a long schedule of places to see and so catch the metro to start with the place furthest from our hotel and then the intention is to wend our way back as we …

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Proper Coffee!


16th September 2017 After a week of moving on westward every day through the desert, it is good to finally stay in a city hotel for a few nights. Kashgar is a place we had heard of on the Silk …

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History Rebuilt


15th September 2017 With the interesting change of itinerary yesterday we find that we have time on our hands, having missed out on the camel ride this morning returning from the non-existent desert camp. The local agent is still on …

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