Chilling Out

Sun. 2nd June ‘24

[Editor’s note: Readers are advised to skip this post. Nothing much happened, Dave whinges about being cold and there were no good photos taken]

The view from our room - a little more spacious than our roof tent!When we first camped in our roof tent in Namibia (3 weeks ago now!), the evenings were warm and we barely needed the duvet covering us at night. Now, it is much cooler, particularly at night, and we were glad we decided to have the blanket as well as duvet over us. Even then, my feet were cold at the bottom of the bed and I had to keep drawing them up to the warmer middle part. Janet was smarter and wore her socks in bed so she didn’t feel the cold quite as much.

It was no better when we got up. It might not have been actually freezing but it wasn’t far off. It was certainly long trousers and put on at least three layers as quickly as possible. Then disaster struck. The gas burner we use for boiling water has always been pretty useless, taking 15mins or so to (nearly) boil a bare 2 cups of water. This morning though it hardly worked at all – pathetic flame with no chance of heating anything. No amount of banging the burner or trying to blow out any dust made any difference. We aren’t going to be having our early morning cuppa.

Waterhole vantage points - if only we'd returned priort to sunset!If that wasn’t bad enough, we had to chuck out our milk last night as it had gone off – so no cereals either. There was nothing else for it but to man (and woman) up, face up to the cold, get the tent down and head off. So, there are no photos of us having a romantic breakfast, nor any early morning scenes at Hoada camp, nor even any shots en-route. We have nearly 350km to cover today and about 230km before we get to a town where there is any hope of a coffee shop – and the only bit of good news is that it is almost all on tarmac road!

Fortunately, at Outjo there is a Spar supermarket, the Outjo bakery and our choice of fuel stations – so all of our and Mungo’s basic needs are covered. From here, the day improves. Not only is it significantly warmer now but it is more or less a straight run to Etosha Oberland Lodge where we are staying tonight. Even better, because of our early start we arrive in time for lunch. Yet even betterer, our booking is fully inclusive so not only is lunch free but our beers are too!!

Kudu at the waterhole - 15 mins after sunsetAfter lunch, we feel much more relaxed. The lodge is only 10km or so from the entrance to Etosha National Park where we know there is a large area to cover and a lot of potential for animal sightings. However, we have two whole days in which we are able to explore it and our hotel is very comfortable – and we’ve got the blog and other admin to sort. Why don’t we just spend the afternoon chilling out and generally catching up with ourselves? So that becomes the plan.

Even then we fall behind! Our sunset drinks are part of our inclusive package. Of course, we don’t miss the drinks, but we do miss sunset. As we scramble to a seat overlooking the lodge’s waterholes and hope that we haven’t missed the animal action. The light is now fading rapidly and we only have our phones and the little compact camera – not really the tools for these conditions. Still, the day got much better as it went along, Etosha Oberland Lodge is very comfortable and welcoming – and we are now properly chilled!

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  1. Sheelagh says:

    It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry, you’re certainly at the sharp end! Life will be so mundane when you’re home! Xx

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