Today’s Colour Is Pink

Sat. May 25th ’24

Birthday boy + cakeYet another early start as we need to get to Swakopmund by noon to collect a new tyre before the garage closes for the weekend. The drive is due to take around 3½ to 4 hours and Kristen very kindly has breakfast ready for 7am. Not only breakfast but a birthday cake for Dave too. We have just loved staying at Tsondap Valley Lodge and being cared for by Kristen and Hans and are not really ready to move on. Still by 7:20 we are on the road, starting with the 18 km farm track back to the “main” dirt road. The views en-route are amazing, as always in Namibia.

We're here to see these chaps!Flamingos!The first 200 km are on dirt roads and we managed between 60 and 80kmph most of the time on all sorts of road surfaces, mainly dirt but also sand and even short stretches of tarmac. In the early morning sun the oryxes were plentiful. This did mean driving was a two man job, the driver watching the ruts and bumps of the road surface and the passenger making sure no oryxes were about to run across in front of us.

Mining saltSoon the road started to climb through gorges and round canyons finally reaching a plateau. Cameras cannot do such vast spectacles justice. Eventually we reach Walvis Bay airport and a tarmac motorway!! Bad timing on our part to be in Swakopmund over a weekend, firstly for the early closing time of the garage. Secondly we knew supermarkets stop serving alcohol at 1pm on Saturday until Monday morning. What we had not factored in is that today is Africa Day, a bank holiday, which meant no alcohol sales in the shops at all today.

Pink lakeChores done, we could now concentrate on sightseeing and head down the coastal road to Walvis Bay, which we had rushed pass this morning. We pass by the quad biking, sea kayaking and other adrenaline junky activity centres and head for Pink Lake. You know when you see it as it is pink! The colour is caused by beta-carotene-producing micro algae apparently. It is surrounded by sparkling white salt flats.

No stereotypes - but very irritating to have the Chinese constatntly pushing in front of you!Also all along the shoreline South of Walvis Bay are hundreds if not thousands of flamingos. I remember in Cabo de Gata, not far from our villa in Spain getting excited over seeing three flamingos way in the distance. This is a whole new level, which inevitably is popular with tourists. Not meaning to stereotype but the Chinese swarm around wanting to get closest and take many snaps of themselves and the birds. Definitely time to move on so back to Swakopmund it is.

Swakopmund pier at sunsetSwakopmund lighthouseWe have been very happy with the hotel choices made for us by Safari Drive in putting together this amazing itinerary and Desert Breeze is no exception situated on the edge of the dunes on the outskirts of town. However after so much nothingness I think it would have been good to stay in town and stroll along the beach and around the town centre. Still, no matter we order a taxi for an hour before our reservation time at The Tug restaurant and get dropped off near the lighthouse. we were able to catch the last of the fading sun on the lighthouse.

The Tug restaurantWe then have plenty of time to see some of the sights as the sun goes down. We were able to play with shutter speeds and waves breaking on the pier to try and capture classic shots. Not quite Southwold! By the time we had strolled along the sea front we had working up an appetite for the special meal ahead to celebrate Dave’s birthday properly. The Tug has been recommended by both our friend Phil, who used to visit when he was working in Namibia and also by Safari Drive. It really felt like being in a proper busy restaurant on Saturday night. We did have fish starters as we are on the coast but just fancied a good steak which was proper cow and very tender.

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3 Responses to Today’s Colour Is Pink

  1. Jackie Milton says:

    Hi Janet and Dave looks a sound awesome. Enjoying reading and getting a flavour of your experiences.
    Golf club first tee looked interesting
    Thanks for sharing take care
    Love Jackie and Roger xx

  2. Sheelagh says:

    Phil is chuffed to get a mention and is with you in spirit. Loving your continued posts. Think you definitely have better weather than here! Keep the news coming. Xx

  3. Sheelagh says:

    Hi both! Phil is chuffed to get a mention and is with you in spirit. Great posts, keep them coming. Sxx

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