When The Rain Set In

20th Sept. 2016


Puebla at nightHaving done the trip to the main bus station yesterday it was all straight forward this morning. We were even prepared for the collectivo dropping us two blocks from the bus station and transferred to a second one for the last two blocks without having to pay again.


Bus stationThe traffic was light so we arrived at the bus station early and found a corner to sit quietly and get the blog up to date. We were travelling by ETN this bus trip and five minutes before the allotted hour of 10am a luxury coach arrived and we all piled in. The curtains were all shut so the interior was dark for those who wanted to sleep. I opened the curtain next to me to provide enough of a view to watch the world pass by. The bus left just one minute late – a quick turnaround before the six hour trip. We stopped once but it was impossible to know if there was a change of driver as there is a dividing door between driver and punters.


Dave too tall for the seatsThe bus was not busy and it was easy to spot Dave’s head too tall for the seats. Dare I confess that all the enforced listening to “Windows Weekly” that I have done back home has actually provided a benefit. They are always advertising Audible and I subscribed before leaving the UK and have downloaded “The Complete George Smiley Radio Dramas” 18 hours of listening and so am soon immersed in the Cold War goings on.


View from the busAt the official Hornsey lunchtime of 1pm we opened our goodie bags courtesy of ETN and ate our yummy (not!) ham and cheese sandwich without adding the sachet of chilli sauce as well as the crisps left over from yesterday’s bus, all washed down with Fanta.


Amazing scenery en routeArriving in Puebla at 4pm we bought our bus ticket for Thursday’s move on to Oaxaca. We then decided to splash out £3 on a taxi as the collectivo looked a pfaf as that would drop us about a  15 minute walk from our hotel. This turned out to be a good move as it started to spit with rain as we arrived at the hotel and 15 minutes later the heavens opened and the rain set in for the next four hours without relenting. We would have got soaked if we had taken the collectivo and walked to the hotel.


Great roomThere was a slight hiccup when Dave had a cold shower, so on complaining, it turned out that the hot water was broken in our original room and we were given a selection of rooms to move to which did have hot water. We chose the enormous plush room with sofas (plural) and a canopy bed as well as a decent table to set up our blog station.


We decided to eat in the hotel restaurant which served mainly Mexican food at reasonable prices. That way we would avoid the rain and maybe reach the end of my blog by retiring early. However by the time we had eaten the rain was easing off and we donned our raincoats and headed out to see Puebla at night.Cathedral at night


We spent a good hour just meandering from street to street admiring the illuminated buildings in the Centro Historico. We cannot wait to explore in daylight but that will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon, as I have a side trip planned for the morning.

Church at night 

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