Altogether Now

Sat. 13th July 2013

DSC01024After almost a year since we saw each other, we are at last reunited with Chris, Steve and Lucy after our various trips. Steve and I successfully climbed Kilimanjaro – it was an incredible experience with very beautiful and dramatic scenery as well as being the hardest thing that either of us have ever done. In fact, all twelve in our group made it to the summit and we were told by our guide that it is a once a season event to have a 100% success rate.

DSC05704Janet, Chris and Lucy also had a fabulous time in the Serengeti and in the Ngorongoro crater and saw lots of animals including two leopard sightings (one of which was a mother with her cub). We’ve all made new friends and are ending our trip on a real high – in both senses.

I’m writing this on our flight to Zanzibar for the final four nights of our trip where we intend to spend most of the time chilling out by the beach and swapping stories as to what has happened to us over the last week and the last year. This is going to be a bit of a family holiday before we set off back to the UK on Wednesday and arriving home on the morning of Thursday 18th (to a completely empty house and garage).

We will be writing up blog posts covering our time on safari, on Kilimanjaro and in Zanzibar but they may not be the day by day record that we have used for the rest of our trip. Posts are also likely to appear at irregular intervals for the next little while.

We are really looking forward to getting home and catching up with everyone and their news but it may take a while as we have to unpack all our belongings from storage, get some wheels (and not a bike!!), celebrate at Steve’s graduation next week and sort through a years post and try to find a new routine for our lives. Oh yes, and we need to start working again too!

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