Day 305: Camping – Day One

Fri. June 14th 2013

Our new homeWell we survived our night in the fixed tent with proper beds and have a strategy for only having essential items in our two man ten for the next ten nights. After breakfast we meet up with Duncan our new group leader who shows us how easy it is to put up our tent and we moved our belongings in. We also hang our half dry washing on a temporary line between our tent and a tree, in this climate it was dry in no time. Being fed up of getting taxis around Livingstone we got the free afternoon shuttle bus into town for a late lunch.

Looking out of the shadowsWe took the opportunity of potentially one last internet session for a while and sent off emails to try and sort a trip to Tarangire National Park near Arusha, as there is the possibility of the early morning balloon trip I rashly promised Dave in Africa. I thought the balloon fight would be easy but time is running out. With the last opportunity to shop for a while we decided to splash out on a blanket as it gets so cold at night and we are not sure if our Zambian sleeping bags are up to the task! As I write this waiting for our supper we know our tent is as ready as it will ever be, pillows blown up, sleeping bags and blanket laid out and thermals in reach just in case………

One last photo of the falls sprayWe are now close to being up to date with blog drafts and as Dave said yesterday, we are ready to move on. The restaurant at the camp site is packed and a large G-Adventure group are having a parting meal for those leaving. The Zambezi Waterside campsite is very popular with the overland trucks and there must be half a dozen in with their clientele changing over and spilling into the fixed tents. One last check on the US Open golf on the TV and it is off to our tent with the alarm set for 6am to be packed up in time for an early breakfast. Lets hope we sleep………….

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