Day 62: Rest Day

Sun. 14th October 2012

Another MarchAfter the 23 hour day yesterday, it was a very slow start. We did not envy the four members of our group (or the tour leader) who had to be up and out by 9:30 to set off for two days in the jungle.  We failed to get up in time for the hotel breakfast (boring self service affair so we did not miss much). We therefore decided to have a brunch at Jack’s Cafe. Dave raved over his French toast with banana and strawberries, and I went for seconds on the freshly squeezed orange juice.

By the time we surfaced and walked through the main square there was already a parade in the main square and the day was well under way. Back at the hotel, the next item was to sort the mass of laundry that we had accumulated over the last few days. At £1.50 per kilo it is well worth leaving this task to others, so we dropped two big bags down at reception.

Posing on a quad bikeDave went on the afternoon trip to go quad biking, which as with all such events firstly involved signing the disclaimer form. This was not a successful outing as the girls in the group, who had never been on a quad bike before, found it quite hard work. Especially as the first part was on a main road and also the stray dogs would bark and run at them. This resulted in one of the girls having an accident so as well as coping with scratches and bruises she had to pay for the bike to be repaired. We understand this activity and service provider will now be seriously reviewed – quite right too. I am glad I did not go!

Mr SpeedyMy afternoon was spent catching up on emails and blog writing as well as sorting photos – got to keep on top of these things or we will be even further behind! We are writing the blog for selfish reasons – we find that reviewing each day helps us remember what we have been up to and then when we get back, we are sure it will be a great source of memories. However, we are also thrilled to hear that family and friends are reading the blog too, so there is an extra incentive to keep it all up to date.

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