Day 48: Taste Of Altitude

Sun. 30th September 2012

TeleferiqoQuito itself is situated at 2,800m and the Teleferiqo cable car goes up to an altitude of 4,100 metres, which we felt would be a taste of what is to come on the Inca Trail as well as to admire the view over the city.Quito town

They have economised on the number of cars on the Teleferiqo, as although the queue appears short, it takes a while to get on. There is a long time between cars arriving and also the time allowed to get into the car is much longer than any ski resort one.

The views on the way up and at the top show just how much Quito has sprawled around the space available. The current airport can be seen in the north, with the mountains around and the short runway you can see why it can sometimes be difficult to land. Quito Airport

We went for a short walk but certainly felt lightheaded and were not ready to run anywhere fast.

Goods for saleBack in town we visited the Mercado Artesanal to see all the local handicrafts (and tat) on sale. The pashminas and rugs felt so soft. It could have been expensive but we agreed we cannot carry any souvenirs with us, apart from our fridge magnet collection.

There were more stalls in Parque El Elido as well as being able to wander around with the locals enjoying their Sunday in the sun. Similar experience to yesterday with the men were playing volleyball and it seems in South America they have the nets set very high at 3 metres. Sunday volleyball

Late flight to Lima this evening and the hotel kindly provide us will a free late checkout as they are not busy, this includes afternoon tea and cookies.

Quick flight to Lima which is on time and our G Adventures guide is waiting for us. Eight of us for various different tours climb on a rickety bus heading for Miraflores District of Lima. The nightime trip along the coast is impressive, but some of the shops and signs we are sure we saw more than once, before finally stopping at our hotel and are tucked up in bed by 1am!

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