Day 30: Transfer to Mérida

Wed. 12th September 2012

Courtyard at Tulum hotelWe were sad to leave Tulum and Lo Nuestro Petit Hotel but it was time to move on to Mérida. After breakfast, off to the supermarket to buy sandwiches for lunch to eat on the 4 hour bus journey. Even the packets of crisps included a sachet of picante salsa sauce!

Mérida was quite a contrast and the first impression when we arrived in the outskirts of town was that all the buildings are very secure. Even the houses which have a small front garden or hard standing to park their cars were enclosed by a 12 foot metal railing and gate. Nearer the centre of town the houses are on the pavement with no frontage and all the windows have metal bars on. Where have we arrived? Is this the Mexico we hear of with shootings on the streets? Luckily first impressions are not always right.

Streets of MeridaThe walk from the bus station on the south west of town to our hotel just north east of the main plaza took over 30 minutes in the heat of the day. This is easily our longest walk with our backpacks, hard enough in the heat of the day, but it would have been impossible with suitcases. It is easy to find your way around as the streets are in a grid  with even numbers running from north to south and the odd numbers from west to east. Our hotel is on Calle 52 between 56 and 58. Also most of the roads are one way which makes crossing them easier.

Upstairs terrace at Merida HotelOnce you look beyond the roadside facade, the interiors are much more ornate and well kept. Our hotel has a spacious foyer which opens into a small courtyard with a kitchen and sitting area for meals. Our room is upstairs where there is another terrace for sitting out.

Still uncertain of our surrounding we set out early for supper, whilst it is still light. First we headed north to Paseo de Montejo, Paseo de Montejosupposedly the Champs Elysee of Mérida which is a lovely wide road with trees and grass central reservation. (Nice enough, but Paris isn’t quacking in its boots!). We spotted these lit up cactus trees. We think they are set up for the celebration of Independence Day in Mexico on Sunday (16th Sept).

However our hotel owner recommended a few places to the south to eat so we decide to leave exploring this area to another day and set off in search of food.

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  1. A month into our travels and the blogs keep coming. I hope they are as enjoyable to read as they are to write. Wait until we bore you with all the photos!

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