Day 26: Acclimatisation and catch up

Sat, 8th September 2012

Beautiful beach at Playa del CarmenI will not labour the point that Dave woke me to say it was 8:30am and time for breakfast, only to find he was still on Cuba time and it was really only 7:30am. Those who know me, will know I am not a morning person so was not happy!!!

Today was a day for more mundane tasks.

Firstly after three weeks of hand washing it is off to the laundrette. At 51 pesos (less than £3) for serviced washing there is no point in even contemplating doing  our 3.5kg wash ourselves! Drop off at 10am and collect at 5pm, it came back all soft and smelling lovely and even our “smalls” as my granny would have call them, were neatly folded!

What number would sir like?Secondly Dave has been moaning his hair needs cutting for the last two weeks, so when we found a barber there was no excuse. After studying the pictures he decided on a number 7 and definitely not a number 42.Just a trim and a cut throat razor on the back

The rest of the day was spend chilling and yet more interneting.

Lastly I will mention the food, after Cuban rice and beans the cuisine here is sensory overload. Last night we had a Brazilian – no, not one of those but a meal in a Brazilian restaurant. On the table is a wooden cylinder half painted green and half red. Whilst the green portion is uppermost the waiter continues to bring more cooked steak of many different cuts, sausage, gammon and finally pineapple all cooked on a big skewer like a shish kebab but much nicer. Once you have had enough all you need to do is turn the wooden cylinder red end uppermost. This is served with salad and vegetables.

However it is a bit unnerving to see the tourist police cruising the streets armed with guns, sat on the back of a jeep.

Tonight it is Italian, freshly cooked pasta, yum yum and maybe some wine…..

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