Day 11: Going it alone

Fri. 24th August 2012

Local taxi in the main streetBreakfast was an amazing plate of fruit and omelette. I now have a taste for mango and guava but still not banana!

At least our first walk with backpacks was not too far and at 7:30am it was not too hot. We have not yet “done it like the locals” as we got an air conditioned tourist bus to Vinales and not the regular service bus. sledge ride at comfort stop

At 12 CUC (£8) each for a 3 hour trip, including a 15 minute comfort break, it was definitely within our daily budget – and yes I do have an excel spreadsheet to monitor our spending! We saw this novel method of transport at our comfort stop but decided to stay with the coach.

Main house of our CasaIt is difficult to get lost in Vinales as it is basically one long street and we found our lovely casa particulares easily. Our room is in an annex behind the main house with air conditioning and two large beds with en suite shower all for £20 per night. We have our own covered terrace where we can have breakfast for £3 each. Dinner if required is served on the terrace outside the room with music provided by the restaurant next door.

A lazy day catching up with the washing and finding our bearings.

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