Holding Post – Status Update

Sorry about the lack of recent updates – they are being written, it is just that Internet access is so patchy and slow we canĀ“t get them uploaded at the minute.

Hopefully we should be able to do so at the weekend.

In the meantime, we are both well and enjoying ourselves. We have rain and a little wind from Isaac, but are otherwise unaffected.


Dave & Janet

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2 Responses to Holding Post – Status Update

  1. fiona says:

    Loving the photos and enjoying travelling vicariously with you.
    love Fiona

  2. John and Jackie says:

    Glad Isaac has not given you any trouble, we followed its progress towards Cuba with some alarm, but it then went off in another direction, thankfully! We’ve been back almost a week now (a fairly wet and cold week too!) so it’s been fun to read your blog about our trip and remember it again. We had such a good time! Enjoy your travels, we look forward to your next postings when the Internet allows,

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