Day 6: Trinidad (No, Not That One!)

Sun. 19th August 2012

Another 8:30 start which we made – just, after sleeping through our alarmRoad to Trinidad. We cycled back up the road to the Indian before turning right and kept going until we reached Trinidad. The scenery was beautiful, cycling across bridges over little coves full of the locals having a Sunday morning swim.

Morning coffee stopThe cycling was not too strenuous but there were a few inclines thrown in to keep us exercised(?). The coffee stops helped. After the last climb it was good to see Tunas (our driver and mechanic) and the bus.

Our cycling groupWe arrived in Trinidad in time for lunch. Meals have been an interesting experience. Yesterday our guide informed us it was “A La Carte”. It turned out this meant it was cooked to order and you could have fish, chicken or pork. The meal was salad or soup for starter, the meat of your choice with rice and kidney beans followed by rice pudding, mango jam or plum jam, florescent green or yellow jelly. Today there was no choice, it was the same format as yesterday but the main course was all three together fish, chicken and pork. At least dessert was ice cream, which was very welcome in the heat. This seems to be the norm.

Inside the museumThe afternoon was spent walking around Trinidad,Trinidad including visiting the local markets and a local museum. We were guided around the museum which was formally the home of a sugar baron and was still furnished  with their purchases from England, France, Spain to name a few. The tour enabled us to test whether all our Spanish lessons had paid off, and they had!

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  1. Rob Quickenden says:

    If you think that’s wierd food….wait till you hit south America!!!

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