Homeless, Carless And Beginning To Say Our Goodbyes

Janet & Steve on the TitanicThe simple journey from Oxford to Abingdon turned into an adventure when Dave said “we have no gears”, as we sat at a roundabout. Green Flag patched up our faithful Peugeot 206 so that we could get to the nearest garage. It did mean we were without transport for two days- oh to be a two (or three! car family again).

We needed to get from our friends in Marcham into Abingdon to sort out last minute matters, which involved waiting in the rain for the hourly bus. The trip took two hours instead of one so we forced ourselves to have a coffee and visit the library to use the free wifi (the latter was a new experience for Dave!). He was not amused as we were there along with about twenty mums and babies having a sing song. Gone the days of being quiet in a library.

We will need to get used to the slower pace of life and waiting for public transport.

Thank you to Mike and Jenny for their taxi services to ensure I was able to get the train to London for my Olympic shift and getting back at 11pm as well as Dave to his final Governors’ meeting in Oxford and thanks to Aubrey and Jane for ensuring we could get to the pub to eat!

Dave & Chris studying stuff in Pitt Rivers museumDespite our car traumas we still found time spend time with Steve in Southampton in the rain so visited the SeaCity Museum for the Titanic. We also saw Chris in Oxford also in the rain so visited the Pitt Rivers Museum (great British weather).

Shrunken heads on display at Pitt RiversBoth were museums were fascinating and well worth visiting without travelling far. The shrunken heads at the Pitt Rivers are quite intriguing.

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  1. What a reminder of how we rely on our faithful four wheeled friends!

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