An Extraordinary Day–The Joy of Being A Tourist In London

One Extraordinary Day - TurnSunday was a reminder that London is a truly great city in which to be a tourist. Its easy to get around and there is so much happening all of the time. As part of the LIFT Festival, the STREB Extreme Dance troupe put on performances in various London landmarks during the day. The idea was to have 7 performance spread throughout the day with locations announced at short notice on Twitter.

As Janet was working, I had a clear day (after eventually getting my Olympic ID card updated) and as it (mostly) wasn’t raining, I thought I would spend the day following my Twitter feed. The day developed into a great pattern – find a coffee shop to wait in and watch for the announcement on Twitter (as well as generally watching the world go by). Then head off to catch the performance.

I missed the early performances – ‘Waterfall’ where they were doing bungee jumps off Millenium Bridge looked particularly spectacular. I caught the performance in Paternoster Square by St Pauls where they performed ‘Turn’ – based in a constantly moving wheel. Easier to watch the 30s video than for me to explain.

After that it was to Trafalgar Square to see ‘Ascension’ based upon a ladder that could pivot in the middle. Again, it is easier to watch the video clip than to adequately describe.

Thanks to Boris, Elizabeth Streb and to the dancers for a really great day. I’m left disappointed that I couldn’t stay for more.

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  1. Again jealous I could not be there. Too much I want to do and not enough time!

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