And So It Starts

And this is after we had taken loads to the charity shop and the dumpToday is the first day of the rest of our lives may be a cliché but today really is the start of our gap year. Yesterday the removal men came and packed the contents of the house into boxes and then containers to be taken off into storage. Last night we said our final goodbye to our neighbours – Richard & Sharon, we wish you well for your move to the Cayman Islands; Chris, we hear that you’ve let the goldfish escape already!

Today we handed over the keys to the house to our agents ready for the cleaning and inventory taking prior to our tenants moving in over the weekend. We know how Tamsin & Chris must be feeling about their packing – but we hope they have a fantastic year in our house and that they enjoy living in Fieldside as much as we have done.

Ready to work in Sainsbury's!

The other beginning for today is the start of our Olympic volunteering. Janet has her first shift (of 13) and so could no long put off the wearing of her volunteer uniform. I dropped her at Didcot station and she seemed to be attracting some attention.

It was not until Stratford station that I met anyone else similarly attired. After that It was quite surreal seeing groups of adults all dressed the same moving about the Athlete’s village where I am working. The village is still quiet as the Athletes have not yet arrived but everyone is scurrying around with last minute preparations. It is a very friendly bunch of people that I am working with, checking in the other volunteers and helping out whereever needed. It should be great fun but will be hard work when it gets busier next week. It is good to have a quiet start learning what to do.

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