If We Need This Much Kit For Just One Weekend Away…

We’ve just got back from a great weekend at the Cornbury Festival. It was good to get away from the stresses of packing up the house and just chill out, listen to some really good music and have the odd beer or two (or three)  Whilst we did get a bit of rain and hence a bit of mud it didn’t spoil the weekend or stop us doing what we wanted to do (i.e. listen to music & drink beer!)

The highlights of the weekend (besides my super DIY cold box that meant we still had ice-cold Pimms on Sunday afternoon):

  • Elvis Costello – long time hero who opened with ‘Watching the Detectives’ and then went on to essentially play all of his hits;
  • Seasick Steve – homemade guitars with 3 strings but a whole load of character; and
  • Steve Winwood appearing with Stax.

But equally, I could mention Newton Faulkner, Aloe Blacc or even Macy Gray (who looked like she had had an electric shock just before coming out on stage). Janet would also mention Will Young too but I avoided thet one.

We did however have an entire car load of kit for our camping weekend  – things are going to be very different when it is just one backpack load each! The question is what not to take. Luckily the sleeping bags, chairs, wellies and cold bag can all be packed away in storage for another day. The tent (on loan from Steve) is now to be returned to its owner and will be off to more festivals where Steve and Mel are volunteer helpers (cheap way to see the bands play for free!). It was a good experience to see what we really needed and what was luxury so hopefully we can now pack our backpacks more sensibly. Only time will tell.

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