Letting Go…

Our houseIt looks like it is official – we are going to be homeless from some time around about the 10th July. We (or rather Thomas Merrifield letting) have found tenants for our house for a 1 year let whilst we are away.

This is great news in that it gives us a little income and it takes away the worries about what might happen to the house if it was empty for a year. It does, however, give us the headache (and deadline) for sorting through 14 years (and more) of accumulated junk and emptying the house ready for our tenants.

So far, we have filled up one van from Helen & Douglas House charity (along with more drop offs at other charity shops); spent too much time on creating, managing and dealing with the aftermath of eBay auctions; and made the odd trip to the dump. I think we are winning.

Whilst we know that BMW M3 Convertibleclearing the house is a good thing and that it will be waiting for us when we get back, saying goodbye to our cars is proving to be a sadder affair. The first to go was our glorious, wonderful M3 convertible – or the ‘smile maker’ as we used to call it. We really miss it now that summer seems to have arrived. I’m going to have to do the same with my BMW in late June or early July which will leave us with our little 11 year old Peugeot 206 which we will hand over to Chris (eldest son) just before we head off.

We know that on our return it is going to take a while to re-acclimatise particularly so as when we land, we will be both homeless and carless. Just like our student days!!

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