How many shoes to take?

I have finally bought my rucksack, which will be my new best friend for 11 months (besides Dave of course) so any suggestions for a name are welcome! It is a Deuter Aircontact 50 + 10 SL (for ladies) in bright green! Hopefully it is big enough to take all I need without getting too heavy that I cannot lift it.

We had a practice packing session today which has made it all very real and also reminded us just how little we can take unless we start weight lifting classes pronto. With a minimal supply of clothes and various medicines, suncream, mosquito net, binoculars, camera etc it weighed 10kg. It is going to be hard to split the essentials from the luxuries.

My main dilemma, which the ladies reading will relate to, is just how many pairs of shoes to take. The stiletto Jimmy Choos will safely remain in the shop. Having spent an hour or two on Friday looking at walking sandals – they are ugly! However they are practical so I will have to get over it and buy some.

So the count currently stands at 3 pairs – walking boots, walking sandals and the lightest pair of flatties I can find.

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