A Valid Route

We’ve finally been able to create a route that takes us to the places we want to go and complies with the regulations for the OneWorld alliance round the world air ticket. Whilst we are disappointed not to be travelling the Silk Road, reclaiming those 10 weeks allows us to visit Borneo, Bali, Galapagos Islands and Namibia, so all in all we are not too disappointed. Our new itinerary is now:
Major segments of our trip
As an aside – we did investigate alternatives to OneWorld for the RTW ticket – single airline tickets don’t have the coverage and the Star Alliance network is very weak in South America (going from Santiago to Auckland would have involved travelling through the US and Australia). It looks like we are settled on OneWorld
From the table above, you can see that we still haven’t made the East / Westbound decision yet, though we are leaning west so to speak – we quite like the idea of kicking off our trip with a cycling tour of (parts of) Cuba. Other than which direction to head in, the major unknowns that we have are:
  1. Which Pacific Islands will we do? The assumption is that we will fly to Auckland and then do a circular trip to one or more islands before returning to Auckland and heading on. (Stopping off as we go across the Pacific doesn’t seem to work with the OneWorld ticket).
  2. Where in Borneo to go? At the minute our map just has a pin in the middle of Borneo. More research needed!
  3. How best to get to the Galapagos Islands. At the minute our route takes us from Cancun to Lima from where we have assumed that we can fly to the Galapagos – Quito isn’t well served on OneWorld from Cancun.
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