Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!

39aI should have known better really. I went on to Amazon to find a laminated wall map and thought that 130cm x 90cm didn’t sound all that big really.

Well it turns out that the standard corkboards that you can buy are about half of that size. So why not buy cork floor tiles and which we can then mount on a (custom sized) piece of plywood – which only just goes in the back of the car thanks to a helpful chap at Travis Perkins.

We could then glue the cork tiles to the plywood and presto we had a board onto which we could pin the map. Except that the board was so wobbly that it wouldn’t lie flat on the wall.

It really needed a frame to give it some rigidity – but how to make a frame of the right size? Step forward DIY Framing and their custom Chop Shop service. A bit more glueing, some bodging to replace mitre clamps and a large sigh of relief that not only had we measured the board correctly, we had actually got it all square.

We now have our wall planner in pride of place on the kitchen wall. You can just about make out the pins marking out the major stopping points.

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